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  • onnyika -

    Replied to the thread HoF Lega Nanica.

    Battaglia navale vicino a pluto (18.09.2018 17:01:11) onny[NANI] da 乃Basch, pluto, pluto5 vs sasino19[RIBa] da pluto --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nave con…
  • Zio Crusa -

    Liked --francé--’s post in the thread HoF MATTI.

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    Ha un rapporto conflittuale con i sacerdoti..
    Battaglia per Polis (20.09.2018 12:04:39) El Profesor[MATTI] da Polis, Polis, Polis, Polis, Polis vs pino1961 da Polis
  • dragone981 -

    Liked Roseej the Hooper’s post in the thread Commenti guerra Boys Club (GVNG) vs RED POWER (RELAX).

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    Buona guerra ad entrambe le ally ! :bg: